About Us

KARMIC Design Private Ltd., “KarMic” is a design services and solutions provider with expertise in Analog, RF, Mixed Signal, Memory and High Performance Digital domains. We have a team of over 300 employees with multiple design centers located in Manipal, Bangalore and Dallas, Texas.

Two visionaries, Mr. Mark Harward and Dr. Shivaling Mahant Shetti came together in 1999 to establish KarMic with the following founding principles:

  • Enable members of Karmic to continually grow their knowledge and thereby increase the value of our services and solutions
  • Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit society at local, state, national and global levels. KarMic has contributed to the training and development of hundreds of youngsters who otherwise may never had a chance in the high-tech industry

Founded in 1999, KarMic is a pioneer and leader in semiconductor design and development industry. Recognizing the need of global expertise KarMic pioneered the concept of developing human capital by training and creating a pool of technicians, engineers and innovators when peers were just focused on product or solution development only. Today KarMic is proud of its industry-experienced professionals, many with advanced engineering degrees in the key technology disciplines of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics.

KarMic has consistently created stakeholder value by operating sustainably and profitably. KarMic is laser focused on optimizing asset utilization and continuously invests in growth opportunities. The company maintains a healthy balance between organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

KarMic is proud to maintain an environment of technology excellence and innovation supported by strong management.


1988. Tom Engibous requests Dr. Mahant Shetti to start Texas Instrument’s first Analog Design group in Bangalore. Most Analog Designers in India can trace their roots back to Dr. Shetti’s Linear design team

1998. Mark Harward’s company TestChip Technologies needs more design engineers than it can recruit in the USA

1999. KarMic Training Centre founded by Dr. Mahant Shetti & Mark Harward as subsidiary of TestChip Technologies

2000. KarMic Design Centre started after initial class completed 12 months rigorous Analog and Mixed Signal training

2002. Mark Harward sells TestChip & sets KarMic up as independent company

2013. Mark Harward was selected by the Board of Directors to serve KarMic as Managing Director, CEO and Chairman of the Board in October 2013. Dr. Shetti elected as Chairman Emeritus

2013. KarMic acquires assets of Mandate Chips and Technologies

2014. KarMic is well positioned in the industry with robust capabilities and staff; supporting customers through a global network of offices